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Should You Hire a Moving Company or Rent Your Own Truck?

Should You Hire a Moving Company or Rent Your Own Truck?

Hire a moving company or rent a truck and do it yourself? Out of all the decisions involved in moving, this is one of the biggest. Often the deciding factor is something specific to your personal situation. Traditionally, it is said that hiring a moving company is easier but more expensive while doing it yourself is more difficult but cheaper.

However, there’s actually a bit more to it than that. Today we’re going to break this decision down and decide which move is right for you.


While hiring a truck yourself is definitely cheaper, make sure you take all the costs into account. These include payments you may for petrol and moving material as well as the time spent making the move.

The good news is that these extra costs will still be more affordable than hiring a professional. So if you’re willing and able, it’s a good idea to make the move yourself.

How Much Are You Moving?

The more goods you have, the easier it will be to use a moving company - especially if there are large objects like tables and cabinets.

For smaller moves, or if you are going to move your belongings over time, hiring a truckand doing it yourself is much cheaper. If you need some extra manpower to make the move, ask some friends to help you out or use Apps like ‘AirTasker’. You can find local day-workers in your area who are willing to help you out for a cash payment.

There are also moving labour companies that specialise in packing, loading, and unloading your rental truck. Doing it yourself (with a bit of help) can actually be as easy as hiring a full-service moving company, only cheaper.

How Far Are You Moving?

This is another circumstance-specific detail. If you are moving in your local area, or even within your city – doing it yourself is probably a good option. Especially considering that it is easy enough to get help from friends or hired labour. However, moving interstate or globally is most likely a professional mover’s job.

What Are You Moving?

If you aren’t moving anything dauntingly heavy and awkward – why not move it yourself. However, if you do have some heavy items, get a quote from a moving company and a labour company. More than often, you’ll find the labour company is cheaper with the rental truck than the full moving service.

If you are transporting delicate items that you think you can take care of better than a moving company, go ahead and move them yourself. There will be less stress involved with the transport of your prized possessions when you’re in complete control.

Rent What You Can Drive

The number one point when it comes to moving it yourself is this – make sure you’re comfortable driving the truck. Some rental trucks will require special licences but many of them can just be driven on a normal car licence. Either way, make sure that you feel in control of the truck you choose.

Luckily, at high-quality rental companies like Pacific Auto Rentals, there is a wide range of trucks and vans available. This means that there is bound to be something that suits your specification. From the goods you’re moving to the licence you hold, we can match you with a vehicle that you’re comfortable with.

At the end of the day, there is no one answer to this debate but one thing is clear. If your move is close enough and you’re willing and confident enough, there’s no reason not to do it yourself.

For great rental deals on trucks and vans, contact Pacific Auto Rentals.We have a range of options for you in the Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty areas.


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