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Our Ultimate Family Road Trip Checklist

Our Ultimate Family Road Trip Checklist

Are you planning to take a family trip around New Zealand? Great idea! But before you even think about booking your rental caror a mini bus, make sure you take a good look at our family road trip checklist.

Without proper forward planning, you might find you run into problems. From bored kids to favourite toys being forgotten to running out of food or water in the middle of nowhere, road trips can become a lot less fun if you don’t think ahead!

The Checklist

Here’s what you need to think about – from checking the car to keeping the kids entertained – before setting out on your road trip.

1.    Check the Vehicle and the Route

Whether you’re using your own car or hiring a vehicle, it’s always a good idea to double check that it’s ready to drive.

●       Find a level surface to check the water and coolant levels in your car

●       Check the oil in the car as well

●       Check the fuel tank is full and top it up if necessary

You should also check your route to avoid getting lost unless you know the area very well.

●       Plan your route out using your Navman or Google Maps. Bring a physical map with your route marked as well, just in case batteries run down, equipment malfunctions, or you lose your phone and GPS signal.

●       If you need help deciding where to go around Tauranga, check out our guides to Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty.

●       Car rental companies such as Pacific Auto Rental will load road tolls of all their vehicles onto the customer’s account so no additional road toll needs to be paid.

2.    Plan for Safety

Make sure you have made plans for health and safety on the road.

●       Bring a first aid kit, making sure you know what’s in it and how to use everything

●       Bring first aid for the car too – spare tires, jumper cables, a jack, and a hazard triangle should be the bare minimum.

3.    Avoid Bored Kids!

Bored children on a road trip can be a bit of a nightmare – from the classic ‘are we there yet?’ to the dreaded full blown tantrum, it’s not a situation you want. So bring along some entertainment and comfort for your little humans.

●       Pack some favourite toys, being sure to include cuddly toys for smaller kids to encourage them to sleep

●       Bring along some games that can be played in the car

●       Colouring books, pencils and markers will help

●       Bring along books to read, but only if your kids can read in the car without feeling sick

●       Include some of your children’s favourite music in your road trip playlist – a sing-along can go a long way to passing the time

●       If your car has movie playing capability, bring along some favourite DVDs

●       Spare smartphones or tablets can be a big help, as they can provide music, movies, games, and a camera. Just beware of endless ‘It’s my turn!’ fights

●       Bring headphones for everyone

●       Lots of spare batteries/car chargers for all devices are important

4.    Food and Drink Supplies

Don’t forget to bring enough food and drink supplies to get you through long stretches.

●       Small cooler in the front for easy access

●       Lots of water

●       Trail mix, fruit, crackers, and other snacks, plus sandwiches in zip lock bags

●       Bring spare containers/zip-lock bags for leftover food

5.    Make Smart Clothing Choices

Dress yourself and your kids for the predicted weather and don’t forget:

●       Chose shoes that are easy to slip on and off

●       Spare changes of clothes, especially for kiddies, are important

●       Get comfortable, loose-fitting clothes to wear, including jumpers if it’s going to get cold

●       Bring raincoats and umbrellas for everyone

6.    Baby Supplies and Cleaning Supplies

If you will be travelling with a baby, you need to do a little extra planning for inevitable accidents.

●       Bing a large nappy bag full of nappies, formula, baby wipes, prepared bottles, and food

●       Bring extra blankets for bub

●       Have plenty of dummies close at hand for when they keep getting thrown on the floor or out the window

Make sure you have cleaning necessities on hand too:

●       Paper towels

●       Sanitizer

●       Wipes

●       Rubbish bags

●       Vomit bags

●       Toilet paper

Are you ready to get started on your road trip? Check out our rental vehicles or find the best places to visit both in Tauranga and beyond!



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