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New Zealand Road trip Essentials

New Zealand Road trip Essentials

Who loves a Road Trip???


Here is our very own guide to a classic New Zealand road trip checklist. With everything you need to survive the NZ roads and the amazing towns and cities, you will stumble across throughout your journey.



Driver Licence 
This is pretty much a no-brainer. You will need your license if you are wanting to rent a car and also if you are to get pulled over by the police. If you are in a new country or your license is not in English you may need an international driver license. Find more details here

Make sure you have all needed documents on file. This includes but isn't limited to your international driver's license if needed. A copy of your rental contract, a copy of your travel insurance or car insurance and contact details for AA roadside assist. All our rental cars are covered by AA roadside assist but they are also available to use if you are not a member a fee will just be charged on top of the fee to fix any issue. The vehicle's manual, this way if anything goes wrong or any warning lights appear you may be able to figure it out yourself. It is always a good idea to have a list of numbers you may need such as NZ police 111, AA roadside assist and the company you have hired the rental from if it is not your own.

First Aid Kit
This is always a must for a car glove box! Make sure its stocked with plasters and painkillers.

Paper maps are the best! They will never fail you as they cant go flat! Make sure to have a recent local and central map of the places you will be exploring. GPS and Google maps are also great but make sure to bring along chargers and that the Gps has been updated. 

This is the biggest Essential. Make sure you have lots of water to fund your trip. You may need it for anything, mostly to stay hydrated but you may also need it for the cars window washer fluid or to full up the radiator (this is highly unlikely if a vehicle is a rental). IT can also come in handy for frosty mornings when the windows are frosted over. Make sure you have reusable water bottles so you're not wasting money on water in each city and saving the environment from plastic use! Our personal favorites are Oasis keeping your fluids cold for up to 24 hours!

Make sure you have enough money to fund your trip. This means to keep some back up for just in case situations. You don't want to be stuck with no fuel and no money for fuel! Keep some cash in the local currency and of course, credit cards and eftpos or travel cards are a must. 

Toilet roll
You never know when you might need to go...

Sanitary wipes 
Keep your hands clean before eating meals to avoid any bugs and perfect to clean up any spills or dirt you may make in the car.

Keep dry and out of the rain. You can now purchase travel size umbrellas perfect for the glove box or boot.

Make sure you have all your chargers. Camera, iPhone, iPod, GPs whatever appliances you are taking aboard make sure you have a charger for each one. Plug in lighter hole USBs are also perfect for road trips. This makes it easy to charge your phone if somebody is already using the USB in the radio or if the car doesn't have a USB plug. Ask our office staff to borrow one for your rental!

Sunglasses and prescription glasses are something you don't want to leave behind. Driving early mornings or evenings can be tricky when the glare from the sun reflects the road so make sure you have a pair of UV protected or polarised glasses handy is always a good idea.

Even in the summer, we can experience cool nights. So pack a blanket, jacket and some warm socks for the trip. Even a travel pillow for comfort. 

Don't forget your reusable bags, cups and drink bottles. Save the environment and maybe even some cash storing your keep a cup with a few reusable bags and water bottles. 

Beach Bag
Bikinis, towel, hat, sunblock, fan, beach umbrella, lip balm, SPF sun oil and jandals are a big MUST HAVE on a summer road trip get away.

You may be on the road but you still want to look pretty. Grab a mini hairbrush, hair ties and clips to make sure your hairs always looking great. Don't forget face SPF and body moisturizer. Lip balm and a nail file are small but helpful beauty bag goodies. Toothbrush and paste, keep them pearly whites fresh!

My favorite part of the road trip. Make sure you have a range of snacks for the ride things like protein bars, nuts, fruit and sugar treats are all great to keep as a roadside snack. They all have a good shelf life and will keep you awake and give you energy. Keep some drinks in the chilly bin to stay hydrated our go to is the GoodBuzz Kombucha, healthy for the gut and yum on the taste buds!



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