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7 Advantages of Exploring NZ in a Mini Bus

7 Advantages of Exploring NZ in a Mini Bus

Traveling with a group is a lot of fun, but getting the number of people right is a fine balance. A carload of people can feel cramped while a coach-load can feel like you’re on a school excursion. Often, the best way to travel is with groups of eight to ten people in a mini bus, either with a tour guide or without.

Here are 7 great reasons to travel New Zealand in a mini bus.

1.   Better Group Dynamics

Small travel groups can work if you’re very good friends or an incredibly close family. Otherwise, travelling with just a few people usually increases the chance of tension. Very large groups are also difficult, as it’s harder to mingle or even remember everyone’s name. But when you travel with a group of 10 or so, there are enough people to avoid cabin fever but not so many that you feel like a face in a crowd.

2.   More Time with Your Guide

If you’re hiring a tour guide for your journey, you’ll be very pleased to have a mini bus rather than a coach. When you’re hoping to learn about the history or features of an area from a guide, you’ll get more out of it if they don’t have to navigate 50+ people! You’ll get more one on one time, be able to hear easily, and get many more chances to ask questions.

Want to know the stories behind the Minden Lookout, the Historical Village or Tauranga’s waterfront? You’ll hear all the finest stories with a mini bus and a tour guide.

3.   Less Time Waiting

With a large tour group, you can end up spending a lot of time getting on and off the bus, checking into accommodation, using the bathroom, getting meals, or waiting to see attractions. That's not an ideal way to spend a trip. With smaller groups, you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying! See more of Tauranga by choosing a mini bus.

4.   You'll Have Better Views

Smaller groups mean that everybody has a better view and you’re not taking photos of the back of people’s heads or standing on your tiptoes to try and see everything.

5.   More Flexibility on Your Adventure

When you’re in a smaller group, it's easier to have a discussion and decide to change your itinerary to make the most of your trip. Maybe you want to stay a bit longer in a quiet piece of paradise you've found – or maybe there's a festival happening in town and you've decided it's party time! Whether it’s the Mount Maunganui Summit, McLaren falls, or Hobbiton, it will be easy to make your decisions.

6.   More Flexible Accommodation Options

Big travel groups are limited to big hotels, but smaller groups have many more options. That doesn’t just mean saving money, it also means staying in smaller properties with real character. You’ll be closer to the places you’re visiting and if you choose to use Airbnb, you’ll have locals to give you hot tips on where to visit.

7.   You Can Get off the Standard Tourist Trails

Trying to provide a crowd-pleasing experience for big tour groups is what created the tourist trail – but small groups can move beyond it and really discover the essence of the places they visit. Discover Omanawa Falls or find a secluded winery – the adventure is yours to take!

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