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6 Money Saving Travel Tips

6 Money Saving Travel Tips

6 Money Saving Hacks for Travelling

5 Money Saving Hacks for Travelling 


1. Book in advance, many companies will offer large discounts when booking in advance. Most prices rise closer to the travel date. This will also decrease your chance of missing out on the travel experience you are after, some companies such as hotels, hire car and airlines will increase their prices when the product is in high demand eg summer, holidays or big events so booking in advance can save you a lot. 


2. Book travel insurance! We recommend booking insurance as soon as you book your trip. This could save you big time, you never know what could happen from now until your vacation especially when booking in advance. From something as small as an injury or something major like a death. You never know what is around the corner that could stop you from traveling. Taking out insurance when booking a trip will give you the peace of mind that your trip is almost entirely refundable. Insurance is also a major stress relief when your on vacation. Something as small and common as loosing your sunglasses can be such a down to your holiday but when covered with insurance most if not all of your valuable items will be covered. This may not replace the centamental value in belongings but will always make sure you are covered for the cost of the item (so you won’t have to worry about digging into your happy hour savings 		</div>

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Rental Cars

Here at Auto Pacific Rentals, we pride ourselves on offering a very diverse range of rental cars for hire. This means we have the right car for you, whether you’re in town for pleasure, work, or adventure.

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Van Rentals

We have a range of vechiles/ vans from 8, 9 and 10 seaters all our 8-10 seaters are AUTOMATIC and economical. Great for day outtings or a family trip away.

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Truck Rentals

We have a selection of moving trucks for hire in Tauranga. Whether you’re moving house, shifting furniture, or transporting goods, you’ll find the truck you need right here.

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